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Paula Deen

The Paula Deen Network (the Network) is an on-demand, digital lifestyle network that launched in September 2014. The users can engage with and access an interactive online cooking network with lots of cooking demonstrations and lifestyle shows by Paula Deen.

Her recipes range from traditional Southern-style to quick, budget-friendly and healthy meals. Users can access the Network and watch while using its powerful meal-planning tool with customized dinner ideas and grocery lists and step-by-step cooking – anytime, anywhere, on their computers, smartphones or tablets.

The network is the only place to experience new on-demand programming from Paula and provides users with new cooking tips as well as new recipes with step-by-step instruction each day.

The Network launch was mentioned in several television broadcasts, including “Paula Deen Returns to Spotlight With Her Own Digital Network” on Fox News.


The goal is to allow users to be able to create their own meals and customize their own shopping lists while watching Paula’s cooking videos. Users can watch all available trailers but have limited access to full videos; however, paid users/subscribers are able to enjoy Paula’s cooking videos without restrictions.

“We approached Zynovo because of their long history and expertise with Magento and their end-to-end custom development service offering. Zynovo helped us by developing a high-profile and completely custom online-subscription video network in a very short amount of time. They worked seamlessly and around the clock with our internal UX, design and mobile developers from the very beginning, helping define the architecture, feature and design feedback all the way through product launch and subsequent improvements. The result was a product that launched on time, on budget and its success was validated by the large amount of new subscription sales and buzz generated in the press like the Wall Street Journal and The Today Show. One thing I liked was their ability to consistently deliver what they promised as scheduled with no surprises and with a pleasant attitude. I found the experience working with them to be very positive and transparent as if we were always on the same page. I would highly recommend Zynovo to anyone who is looking to create a successful online business.”

– Jason M., VP, Digital Product Development


– The project timeline was strict, as Paula Dean had promoted timing about the launch in several media outlets.

Technical Complexity:
– The site needed to be mobile responsive as well as compatible with all major browsers
– Provide all necessary APIs to integrate with native mobile apps (both iOS and Android)
– Users’ restrictions based on the member levels. Depended on the type of subscriptions, users ONLY able to watch certain number of videos (including free videos and trailers) monthly
– Users provided step-by-step recipes and ability to create their meals and save under their accounts
– Users able to create their own shopping list
– Integrate with a video platform developed by Saffron Digital
– Integrate with payment APIs provided by Saffron Digital
– Integrate with Solr search engine
– Integrate with Varnish cache
– Include multiple web nodes and database servers with load balancer


The collaboration between the Company and Zynovo team successfully delivered the following:

– Magento development
– APIs integrations for both Saffron Digital as well as native iOS/Android developers
– Work closely with Rackspace company for load balancer, networking, server configurations
– Site-performance tuning

The result was very satisfying, as it was launched successfully on time and on budget, which Paula Deen has mentioned in most of the media network publicly. Visit: