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Zynovo is a full-service digital commerce agency, focused on end-to-end implementations of the most flexible enterprise-class commerce platform to help online merchants fulfill their business and e-commerce goals in a way that is both economical and efficient. We provide strategic planning, design, development and post-launch maintenance.

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Carolina Swim Shop

A South Charlotte based Carolina Swim Shop has been serving the swimming community since 2002 with quality products, great selection and personalized service. The Team Sales division was created to fulfill swim suit, cap, apparel and equipment needs of local teams. A dedicated Team Sales staff now serves more than 100 teams in summer league, club, high school, collegiate, YMCA and triathlon programs.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Project

Carolina Swim Shop initially engaged with Zynovo to optimize their direct to consumer digital commerce site which was based on Magento ver. 1.x. The site has over 10,000+ products across its 55+ Magento stores on a single Magento platform. As we began to discuss future growth as well as the company’s plans to continue to invest in e-commerce, the company decided to upgrade to Magento ver. 2.x.


Zynovo worked together with the company to rebuild, along with new design, content strategy, and migrate all existing customers, sales, products as well as all the stores associated with them.

The Challenge


Our Solution

We were challenged to migrate existing customers, over 10,000 products as well as sales orders from all 55+ team stores to new Carolina Swim Shop Magento 2.x site while existing Magento 1.x is still on production.


We kicked off the process with a series of trial migrations, close collaboration with the team at Carolina Swim Shop and prepare a migration plan. Each migration celebrates the passion of us in moments related to our ultimate experience on an even deeper level. Finally, we launched the new M2 Carolina Swim Shop successfully on time on budget.

Migrate to Magento 2.x

Responsive design

Data (existing customers, products, sales order, team information) migration

Provided a solution to restrict each store with a passcode which the admin able to create/update it conveniently from the control panel at any time

Admin able to terminate or disable the stores either manually or able to setup an expiration date via control panel

“We’re honored to work with the Carolina Swim Shop to help the team usher in migration to Magento 2.”


– Lindy Kyaw, CTO of Zynovo