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Zynovo is a full-service digital commerce agency, focused on end-to-end implementations of the most flexible enterprise-class commerce platform to help online merchants fulfill their business and e-commerce goals in a way that is both economical and efficient. We provide strategic planning, design, development and post-launch maintenance.

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Thanks to the open source of e-commerce platform, Magento and PayPal integration becomes easy. Using PayPal, you can increase conversions, boost sales, and also provide a secure checkout to your customers worldwide. The global leader in online payments PayPal is available in about 200 countries and in 24 different currencies. Millions of people are using PayPal, making it widely spread and

Overview In some cases, Magento 2 functionality requires modifications in order to fit store owner's expectations. For example, an Order should have additional information provided by a customer during checkout. In this case there are 2 ways of extending existing entities: custom attributes or extension attributes. In Magento 2 extension attributes allows to add custom additional data into an entity such