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6 Trends in e-Commerce for 2019

Have you ever wonder about the end of Digital era? Probably, not. Can we predict when it will happen? Not today and, probably, it will outlast us all. So we have no rest for the next 365 days and here we figured out most important trends in e-Commerce for 2019.


Before we move to trends in e-Commerce, have a look on following numbers and keep them in mind.

  • Growth of retail e-Commerce sales worldwide will jump up to $3,453 billions in 2019.
  • M-Commerce will overtake e-Commerce globally in 2019.


How do you like that? E-Commerce isn’t coming. It is finally here. So lets boost your sales with few steps.


  1. Visual content gets to a new level

Let’s start our list of trends in e-Commerce with the most obvious one. Times, when customers ordered goods through Internet on their own risk, came to an end. Nowadays sellers must compete, finding more and more ways to present their product in the best way. Even high-quality images are not enough to overcome potential client’s hesitation about purchase. 360 degree image of a product? Good. High-quality videos? Better. Augmented and virtual reality to visualize product in consumer’s home, using smartphone? Yeah, that’s trump card.


  1. Mobile friendly website wins

M-Commerce is growing and consumers demand quick and comfortable shopping journey both on laptop and mobile devices. For merchants only a choice is left – mobile-adapted website or an app. Moreover, in both cases (and with regular websites by default) page-loading time must be shortened to the minimum.


  1. Artificial Intelligence Solutions becomes widespread

Nowadays decision making process is more data-driven, that’s why demand for measurable metrics is growing. With the help of Artificial Intelligence way of tracking conversion rate, website and app traffic, customers behaviour analysis and segmentation, will be changed. This is completely new for market, but it will work out faster than we can ever imagine. Also, here appears the possibility of customer’s personalised information delivery, which increases their loyalty.


  1. Range of Payment and Shipping methods expands

Each e-Commerce business must personalize information for the customers, but also ease payment and shipping process. Today’s buyers are always in hurry, forcing them to fill long forms or lack of payment methods – and you’ll lose them. Debet/credit cards, PayPal keep going, use of digital wallets (Google, Apple, Walmart, Samsung Pay), layby (ZipPay, Afterpay) and cryptocurrency is gaining momentum. Flexible logistics and same day delivery are required for  2019.


  1. Voice search becomes more popular

Huge challenge for Search Engine Optimisation and design of e-Commerce websites will be the increase of voice search among customers. By 2020 more than 50% of the total searches will be voice searches. Moreover, with Google Assistant App or Amazon Echo customers are able to purchase only through using their voice.


  1. Multichannel communication still matters  

Multichannel sales are appreciated by modernity and today we will close up the list of trends in e-Commerce with them. A lot of brands use up to 10 different channels to communicate and convince their clients. That means not only having web and app versions of your store, but live and active pages in social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. These platforms also support straight sales. Relatively long ago Google Analytics offered attribution modeling to evaluate contribution of different channels for reaching ROI and KPI. Users go even further and tangle merchants – they compare products online and offline, so combining information from these two channels is a deal. For example, you can create separate landing-page, dedicated completely for traffic, driven from the offline world.


We, Zynovo, are looking forward to all the challenges that next year will bring. With full-cycle approach we are ready to keep your business following trends in e-Commerce for 2019.